Don’t let your vouchers go to waste!

Easy to use, myeasyqpon is the only wallet app for any kind of vouchers, coupons and gift cards, including not digital ones.

Billion worth of gift cards and vouchers go unused each year.

What a waste of money for both the giver and the receiver! With so many different sources it is very easy to miss the expiry date. And how many times have you found yourself in a shop realizing you have a coupon for it … unfortunately at home 😐

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With myeasyqpon you can have your discounts and loyalty cards with you wherever and whenever you need them. No more wasted coupons!

Whether in a local store or online, all the information you need to redeem your vouchers are immediately available. Organize your discounts and don’t miss any deal:

• 1-click access to the redeem code / bar code / QR code, the original file or the picture you took of it
• Automatic reminders are created 1 Month, 1 Week and 1 Day before expiration
• Coupon cards change their color when approaching expiration
• You can label the coupons by category. We will soon add the possibility to sort and filter

No registration is needed, we do not collect any personal data.
We ask you to sign in using your social login to prevent the loss of your vouchers in case your phone is replaced, damaged or lost.


To add a voucher, just write the name and save. Or you can enter the data you want:

• Scan a bar code / QR code or type a redeem code
• Set the expiry date
• Choose the right currency or the % symbol
• Add the amount
• Upload the voucher file or a photo
• Add a URL or a local Address
• Choose the labels

To add a loyalty card, just write the name and scan the code!

Quick and simple

  • Scan Bar Codes and QR Codes
  • Set expiry date
  • Organize with labels
  • Quick copy feature
  • Upload or take a picture of voucher files


  • Expiring-soon coupons in evidence
  • Expiry alerts 1 Month, 1 Week and 1 Day before expiration
  • Slide the cards for quick actions
  • Mark your coupons as redeem and archive them

Feedback & Requests

We keep adding new features and improving our product. If you have any suggestions or would like to report an issue, please consider contacting us first. We will really appreciate it!

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Easy to use, intuitive and very useful for not losing various coupons!


Very useful app. I can monitor my coupon in a very quick way. Suggested


Molto utile per gli smemorati


What’s new

  • Now available in Portuguese!
  • Now available in Spanish!
  • More currencies added
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Available in English, Italian and German
  • Now supporting Android and iOS

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